Annual Reports

2018-2019 Annual Report

This year, we want to express sincere gratitude to those of you who have tirelessly committed time, financial support and energy to the success of our mission as we promote stability, wealth and prosperity for all families.

As you read this annual report, we hope that it will remind you of the recent success we have achieved together, while energizing you for our shared future.

Thank you for your partnership in helping more families across the US achieve financial stability, wealth and prosperity.


Past Annual Reports

See below for our annual reports from previous years.

  • 2017 Annual Report - For our 2017 Annual Report, we spoke with some of the 1,000 partners, leaders, colleagues, and guardian angels who came together in September for the 2018 Prosperity Summit.
  • 2016 Annual Report -  In 2016, we identified, developed and advanced strategies that help families - especially those at the margins of the financial mainstream - get ahead. Read more in our Highlights and Financials.
  • 2015 Annual Report -  Working together to expand Prosperity for all U.S. Families
  • 2014 Annual Report - Together, we are creating an opportunity economy and increasing financial security for thousands of Americans. CFED extends a special "thank you" to its staff and Board of Directors who, with your partnership, made our accomplishments in 2014 possible.
  • 2013 Annual Report - By almost any measure, CFED's work in 2013 to create pathways to opportunity resonated as never before. Asset building finally began garnering the attention it deserves as a multifaceted solution to the complex problem of wealth inequality in America.
  • 2012 Annual Report - The remarkable results we achieved in 2012, in collaboration with our partners, funders, policy allies and other stakeholders, heightened our leadership in the assets field and created new important opportunities to achieve greater impact in the communities we care so deeply about.
  • 2011 Annual Report - We invite you to reflect on the accomplishments highlighted here, as they wouldn't be possible without CFED's Board of Directors, Staff, funders, partners and fans who are working everyday to bring asset building to the forefront of a national dialogue about inclusivity.
  • 2009 - 2010 Annual Report - This Annual Report, spanning two years, chronicles a unique period for the country and for CFED: our president took office with a mandate for change, the economy experienced its worst recession in 70 years and CFED celebrated its 30th anniversary amidst great challenges and opportunities in our work.
  • 2008 Annual Report - Optimistic political change was paired with an economic crisis, the impact of which continues to devastate the fragile base of financial security relied upon by most low- and moderate-income Americans. The asset building message has never been more relevant or necessary.
  • 2007 Annual Report - This Annual Report is a chronicle of CFED initiatives that are opening the doors to economic opportunity through building and preserving assets, making education and small business ownership accessible and putting homeownership and equity building within reach for millions of Americans.
  • 2006 Annual Report - This year's Annual Report encompasses inspiration, innovation & ambition all molded into a substantial strategy to further CFED's mission and vision statement. We cultivate a solid business and financial model to propel entrepreneurial goals, housing initiatives and asset building.
  • 2005 Annual Report - This year, CFED created unprecedented partnerships and program and policy impact. With the launch of programs such as I'M HOME – Innovations in Manufactured Homes, that serves to assist 10 million families acquire secure homeownership, CFED has advanced its economic agenda and created a positive ripple effect.
  • 2004 Annual Report - Celebrating 25 years of excellence, CFED has continued to pummel through major obstacles hindering its progressive movement in the past and has seen significant growth within all levels of the organization to date.
  • 2003 Year in Review - This year CFED jumped over financial hurdles and turned challenges into opportunities. A capstone year for CFED's past and present accomplishments, 2003 melded every aspect of CFED's mission and visionary goals into a substantial impact on society.
  • 2002 Annual Report - CFED has invested its energy in 2002 to assessing it's past accomplishments and forecasting plans for future opportunities. Implementing a game plan for the next three years, CFED has combined it's resources to assure that the idea of sustainable economic well-being is turned into reality.
  • 2001 Annual Report - 2001 was a year of proactive stimulation for CFED. Furthering research initiatives like the American Dream Demonstration, CFED continued to vigorously explore the efficacy and economic impact of new polices and procedures in order to identify promising ideas.
  • 2000 Annual Report - From recruiting more passionate staff members to acquiring a bigger board of directors and most importantly, generating greater impact of CFED's work, 2000 was a fundamental year of growth for CFED.
  • 1999 Annual Report - For the past 20 years, CFED has been committed to increasing long-term investment in human capital. CFED's 1999 Annual Report is a culmination of CFED's efforts to create inspiration and development for positive economic movement.