Our Brand Story

In 2017, our organization rebranded from CFED (Corporation for Enterprise Development) to Prosperity Now. Here is our brand story.  



Why did you want to change your name?

When the Corporation for Enterprise Development was born nearly 40 years ago, our name was a reflection both of our focus at the time, and of the era in which the organization was created. In the intervening years, the CFED name carried us a long way – but it had its limitations, despite the strong brand and enormous goodwill we had built under its banner. And with the issues we care about most commanding more attention than ever, it became clear that this was the right time to ensure that our name could powerfully represent the breadth, depth, and necessity of our work.

Why did you choose Prosperity Now?

Prosperity Now does everything we had hoped it would as a name for our organization. It’s broad enough to encompass everything we do, but simple enough to be instantly understandable. Prosperity Now is a clear and bold demand that functions as a rally cry. It’s a direct reference to what we’re fighting for and infuses a sense of urgency into our work. This name also creates a strong entry point into the conversation about who we are and what we do, and rallies others to join the fight for Prosperity Now. And it can grow with us for decades to come.

Why did you choose to rebrand now?

Our issues are more visible than ever before, and the work we do to promote prosperity has never been more important. To have the impact our country needs, we need a brand that communicates what we do, how we do it and why in a way that is accessible and powerful.

What changes (and doesn’t change) about your work?

This new name and brand make it possible for us to refine and amplify our message to reach more people, more powerfully. But our approach and our focus don’t change one bit. We’re still driven by our charge to make it possible for millions of people, especially people of color and those of limited incomes, to achieve financial security, wealth and prosperity. We still scale innovative, practical solutions that empower low- and moderate-income people to build wealth. We still drive responsive policy change at all levels of government. And we still support the efforts of community leaders across the country to advance economic opportunity for all.

How do we define prosperity?

At Prosperity Now, we believe “prosperity” is a pathway to a safer, healthier and more fulfilling life. It starts with financial security—not being one paycheck away from financial disaster. It gains momentum with financial stability—having enough savings to obtain assets that build wealth, like a house or an education. And it continues with financial mobility—gaining the opportunity to climb the economic ladder for a brighter future. This is prosperity. And this is the kind of opportunity we aim to create for low- and moderate-income households and people of color across the US.

How can I get more involved?

We’re so glad you asked! Along with the new name and brand, we’ve also made another big change: the Assets & Opportunity Network is now the Prosperity Now Community. Everyone who is connected to Prosperity Now will be a part of our Community. This transformation reflects our commitment to making it even easier for you to learn, connect with others and take action on the issues and campaigns that you care most about – all through a customized experience that you can tailor to your personal interests and needs.

For a deeper look behind the scenes, read our blog post.

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