ALC Session Spotlight: Building Your Capacity to Advocate, Communicate & Integrate

In just five weeks, 1,400 asset builders will descend on Washington for the 2016 Assets Learning Conference. This week, we're highlighting several of the 80+ sessions from which attendees will have to choose. If you want to get in on the action and participate in these sessions, it's not too late! Register for the ALC by Friday, September 2 to guarantee your seat at the table and save $100!

If you're interested in honing your advocacy skills and improving the services you deliver, here's your personalized ALC agenda:

  • Top Down & Bottom Up Integration Successes (Wednesday, September 28, 10:45 am)
    Successful integration of financial capability services into direct service programs requires the thoughtful planning and implementation of organizations and programs on the ground. This session will explore what successful integration into Head Start and workforce development programs looks like on the ground, and how federal agency support and legislation can take integration to the next level.
  • Upping Your Advocacy Game: Engaging Practitioners as Advocates (Wednesday, September 28, 10:45 am)
    This session will explore how state-based and national organizations have engaged and mobilized practitioners, service delivery providers, coalition partners and other stakeholders to advocate for change. The session will help participants understand the importance of advocacy and share some concrete ways to build skills and comfort in participating in effective advocacy.
  • From Grassroots to Government: Changemaking for Economic Opportunity (Thursday, September 29, 8:30 am)
    How does change happen in this country? Sometimes from the top down—and sometimes from the ground up. This plenary will examine both sides of the equation. We'll begin with an address from a senior Administration official (invited) who will speak about the powerful momentum that has been generated at the federal level around the notion of financial inclusion and security. Then, Assets & Opportunity Network Steering Committee Chair Dave Snyder will facilitate a dialogue with The Reverend Starsky Wilson, Co-chair of the Ferguson Commission.
  • Broadening the Tent: Engaging Communities of Color in Our Coalitions (Thursday, September 29, 10:15 am)
    This session will examine how engaging communities of color in coalition building can lead to positive outcomes that benefit diverse stakeholders. Practitioners will share their effective coalition-building strategies and practices at the national, state and local levels, and participants will have a chance to think about their own coalition-building challenges, including getting feedback and input on how to resolve these challenges.
  • Capitol Hill Visits (Thursday, September 29, 2:15 pm)
    Capitol Hill Visits give ALC attendees the opportunity to educate federal lawmakers and their staffers about strategies that build financial health and well-being, including issues related to IDAs and VITA/EITC. To help get you ready, we're also offering a Hill Visit prep session, "Everything You Need to Know to Tackle Capitol Hill," Thursday at 10:15 am. Join us to make a difference in the communities you serve!
  • Workshop: Financial Coaching 101 (Thursday, September 29, 2:15 pm)
    In this interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts and practitioners first-hand about the elemental foundations of financial coaching. Guest speakers and presenters will share best practices from the field and share the basic building blocks of what financial coaching is, what it looks like and how practitioners might integrate financial coaching in some way into their own service delivery. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate their coaching model, product or curriculum with participants.
  • Effective Communications Strategies that Won't Break the Bank (Friday, September 30, 10:15 am)
    Starting with the resources you DO have—plus targeted digital investments—this session will explore how a smart communications strategy can help you do more with less. In this session, you'll hear from experts in policy, advocacy, media relations and digital communications who will show you how strategic use of communications tools can help you reach your goals and make the case for a more inclusive economy. You'll walk away from the session with concrete tips for making the most of your strategic communications efforts.
  • Fundraising for Advocacy and Coalition Building (Friday, September 30, 10:15 am)
    Advocates and coalition leaders often report that fundraising for their work is a major challenge in the field. In this session, participants will hear from experts about the current funding landscape and how to craft a compelling message for funders. This session will be interactive and participants will practice pitching their fundraising message with their peers.
  • Policy Options and Political Opportunity for Reforming Unfair Tax Programs (Friday, September 30, 11:45 am)
    Every year, Congress chooses to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on tax programs to help Americans build wealth, but low-income households—and particularly households of color—receive little or no support. The result of these unfair, upside-down tax programs is growing financial insecurity, a widening racial wealth divide and skyrocketing wealth inequality. Speakers in this session will discuss the scope of these problems, their ideas for reforming and redeploying these tax programs, opportunities for advocacy engagement from the field, and the potential for real change with a new Congress and Administration in 2017.

These are just a small sampling of all this year's ALC has to offer. Check out the full agenda here.

We hope to see you in Washington, DC, September 28-30! Learn more and register today at

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