Announcing the Launch of the Health and Wealth Network!

The connections between financial well-being, physical and mental health are well-documented. Practitioners, researchers and policymakers across the country are reacting to this by exploring ways to address the vicious interactions between health and wealth.

Poverty and financial insecurity lead to stress, and poor mental and physical health outcomes. Simultaneously, healthcare costs serve as a major barrier to care, which leads to further adverse health consequences. These factors come together to create a system that is literally making us sick.

Prosperity Now is connecting leadersand newcomerswithin this emerging collaborative movement with the launch of the Health and Wealth Network. The Network will be a space for financial capability, health, housing and community development professionals – as well as other stakeholders – to explore advancing shared policy priorities; addressing health and wealth disparities concurrently; and determining how we can collaborate to have a greater impact on key social determinants of health. The Health and Wealth Network will be a place to explore questions like:

  • How can we partner on financial well-being initiatives and policies that lead to greater community health?
  • How is the racial wealth divide shaped by the similar forces, and how can we collaborate across fields to address these forces?
  • What impact will having safe, responsive, community-driven financial services in an underserved community have for physical and mental health?

The Health and Wealth network will build on the Medical Financial Partnership (MFP) Learning Community, launched nearly two years ago. The MFP learning Community provided a space for financial capability practitioners and health providers to learn about and explore the emerging field of partnerships that seek to improve both the health and financial well-being of a population. The Health and Wealth Network will continue to explore the pioneering work of MFP practitioners; identify best practices; develop replicable and scalable solutions; and enable peer learning for groups that are developing partnerships to address health and wealth disparities. The MFP listserv will continue to be a resource for the aforementioned initiatives.

Through the MFP Learning Community, we’ve learned about organizations like StreetCred, which provides free income tax preparation in pediatricians’ waiting rooms and is expanding from their original site at Boston Medical Center to others in the region and across the country. We’ve also heard from experts at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Toronto’s Upstream Lab about how they are building evidence around the efficacy of MFP interventions. We are excited to continue to work with this incredible community to learn about their successes and inspire more leaders to address the issues of health and wealth concurrently.

Please follow our Health and Wealth Network page for updates on the Network, including upcoming (and past) webinars, blog posts by experts and other resources. We hope you will join our conversation and work to advance equity at the intersections of health and wealth!

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