Collaboration is Key for Nonprofits in Dallas

This year, Prosperity Now’s Racial Wealth Divide Initiative team is hosting a series of roundtable events as part of our Building High-Impact Nonprofits of Color project. The project’s Dallas cohort hosted the Effective Collaboration roundtable last month which served as the fourth event in the series. It focused on lifting up the racial economic inequalities in the city and explored the need for different sectors to collaborate effectively to create movement at the ground level, and to achieve economic mobility.

The event kicked off with Prosperity Now staff framing the conversation in data provided by the Dallas Data Profile. The roundtable offered a unique opportunity for community members to share their stories, insights and vision for Dallas. The panel discussion that followed included leaders in fields related to mental health, housing, workforce pathways and the economic and financial impact of state and local policies who examined localized approaches and challenges and looked for ways to continue to work more collectively.

Ultimately, this roundtable gave BHINC leaders the opportunity to position members as experts in their respective fields and build out their networks while providing them a platform to lift up their work and offer resources for other community members. 

The RWDI team is excited to move forward with our final two roundtable events this fall, leading with Wilmington’s Policy and Advocacy Roundtable event with support from our Policy team in September.

Stay tuned for more on this event and others to come!

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