Coming Soon: Prosperity Now’s 2019 Scorecard

Amidst headlines of furloughs, a looming recession and economic growth, it’s hard to make sense of what’s happening in our economy. Our annual Prosperity Now Scorecard transforms these often-complex concepts into helpful data points, all available via a comprehensive, interactive platform. The Scorecard not only paints a picture of the economic health of families in your city, county, state, tribal area or congressional district—it also makes policy recommendations to improve family financial well-being. The Scorecard shines a light on untold stories of economic vulnerability, while making the case for programs and policies that build the resilience of all families, especially communities of color.

The 2019 Prosperity Now Scorecard, going live on January 29, will include new national and state data as well as updated state rankings, and takes our robust analysis a step further by including more data by race and comparing states by racial disparities to highlight the economic challenges of people of color. We outline 52 outcome measures in the 2019 Scorecard—26 of which can be broken down by race—and we assess U.S. states on 28 policies that we believe are an important start to addressing the economic challenges faced by communities of color.

As was the case with last year’s Scorecard report, Whose Bad Choices?, the 2019 Scorecard will emphasize how race and ethnicity affect economic outcomes. Our data demonstrates that regardless of where they live, people of color are especially excluded from economic prosperity in almost every dimension. For example, in all but two states, homeownership rates for White households are at least 15 percentage points higher than for households of color. In fact, rates are twice as high or more for White households in seven states.

To understand the bigger picture of economic inequality and financial health in America, tune in on January 29 at 12 pm ET/9 am PT for our popular Scorecard national launch webinar, which will highlight Scorecard data on savings, credit, debt and more.

The webinar will also feature Prosperity Now network members Bernie Mazyck, President and CEO of the South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development (and chair of the Prosperity Now Community Steering Committee) and Marcy Bowers, Executive Director at Statewide Poverty Action Network in Washington. Bernie and Marcy will share their perspectives on the Scorecard’s state data and how they will use it for advocacy. And, of course, you’ll get to see how your state compares to others!

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