CSA Learning Series Aims to Spur Strong CSA Program Development

Beginning later this month, Prosperity Now will host a four-part webinar series on Children's Savings Accounts (CSAs). This series is designed to share knowledge and best practices with organizations interested in starting CSA programs to help them develop stronger, more sustainable programs. The webinars will feature guest speakers from leading CSA programs and partners across the country, who will share their experiences and answer participants' questions.

The four webinars in the series are:

Wednesday, April 26 (2-3 pm EDT) - Developing CSA Programs with Families in Mind

This webinar will discuss what it means to "engage" with CSA participants, their families and the community at large around CSAs. Topics will include how to assess community needs before starting a CSA program and how to keep families engaged once a program is up and running.


  • Amanda Hahnel, Commonwealth
  • Kerri Schmidt & Kimberly Lucas, City of Boston

Tuesday, May 16 (2-3 pm EDT) - Understanding the "Account" in Children's Savings Accounts

This webinar will provide a high-level overview of the types of accounts used for CSA programs. A bank partner and a 529 partner will share how they work with CSA program coordinators and participants to expand children's savings in different communities across the country.


  • Nancy Goodin and Dawn Braden, Hastings City Bank
  • Todd Mortensen, Utah Educational Savings Plan

Wednesday, July 26 (2-3 pm EDT) - Developing Program Goals & Interim Metrics for CSA Programs

This webinar will describe how CSA programs can formulate clear goals and develop interim metrics to capture if they are on track to meet their goals. Presenters will also share how to incorporate evaluation into the design of CSA programs.


  • Dr. William Elliott, Center on Assets, Education, and Inclusion, University of Kansas
  • Tim Marlowe, Oakland Promise

Wednesday, October 25 (2-3 pm EDT) – Children's Savings Account Program Design Spotlight

This webinar will highlight how two CSA programs, located in Boston and Oakland, were designed. Presenters will describe how they made key decisions on elements such as their target population, account type, incentives, data tracking systems and more.


  • Amanda Feinstein, Oakland Promise
  • Kimberly Lucas, City of Boston

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To meet the needs of the growing field, Prosperity Now hosted a similar learning series in 2016 inspired by the contents of the CSA design guide, Investing In Dreams: A Blueprint for Designing Children's Savings Account Programs. Past recordings and slides can be found in the Resource Directory.

The CSA learning series is sponsored by the Campaign for Every Kid's Future, a collaboration among policymakers, practitioners, researchers, funders, financial institutions and advocates dedicated to expanding CSAs to more families. By broadening the base of practitioners and advocates who are knowledgeable and excited about CSAs, this learning series will help build more support and momentum towards reaching the Campaign's goal of 1.4 million kids with Children's Savings Accounts by 2020.

For more information about the Campaign for Every Kid's Future or to receive additional CSA updates, visit savingsforkids.org.

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