The Curriers Discovered Tax Breaks They Were Missing Out On

The Curriers had debt, but not enough to qualify for a lower interest rate and consolidation. So when they found out that they qualified for tax breaks as small business owners, they were delighted.

"Ron and I have always been in the middle of things," Stefanie said. "Having our taxes done here has saved us a lot of money and time. "

To get her taxes prepared, the Curriers went to AccountAbility Minnesota (AAM) - a community-based nonprofit that provides free tax assistance to lower income individuals and families to build their assets and give them financial security. Prosperity Now's Self-Employment Tax Initiative (SETI) program provides the funding to train tax professionals in self-employment services and also support AAM's innovative pilot to provide video tax preparation and the development of Webinars on retirement planning for the self_employed.

Stefanie loved working with Accountability Minnesota because every time she called with a question, a tax adviser quickly provided her an answer! The additional money they received from working with AAM on their taxes allowed them to expand their economic opportunity.

"The money we received back last year helped us to pay down our debt. This year we plan on paying off more debt so next year (hopefully) we will be in a position to buy a home!"

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