A Foot in the Door

At last month's Assets Learning Conference (ALC), we debuted "A Foot in the Door," a short film chronicling San Francisco's Kindergarten to College Universal Children's Savings Account (CSA) program. We're happy to announce that the 17-minute video can now be obtained on DVD for free by visiting www.afootinthedoor.info.

"A Foot in the Door" – produced by Prosperity Now, Citi Community Development and the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment – features interviews from leaders in the CSA field, including our very own Andrea Levere. The film was developed especially for policy advocates, government agencies, nonprofit service providers and a host of others to help make the case for importance of universal CSA programs as a method for helping children build assets at a young age to ensure their full participation in higher education and the financial mainstream.

If you saw the video during the ALC, you already know how powerful "A Foot in the Door" is in promoting the important work being done in San Francisco and across the country in the CSA space. For these audiences, we hope you'll order your free copy to share with your friends and colleagues. If you missed the film premiere during the Conference, you now have the opportunity to get your free copy. Simply visit www.afootinthedoor.info and click the "Order a Copy" link in the navigation menu.

Prosperity Now would like to extend its gratitude to its partner organizations who made "A Foot in the Door" possible, including Citi Community Development, the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment, GroundSpark and Citizen Film.

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