How Donna Made the Dream of Homeownership Real

Thirteen moves in 16 years. 

Donna and Joe were beat up physically from lifetimes of physical, demanding work, and beat up mentally from barely scraping by and living in stressful, unhealthy environments. Both were disabled and close to dead broke. 

They found a manufactured home on an acre of land in Sandown, N.H. The house’s age and their lack of credit meant they couldn’t get a bank loan, but Donna went online and found the Community Loan Fund’s Welcome Home Loans. 

Because Donna and Joe had avoided credit cards by paying with cash, they had no credit history. The Welcome Home Loan team accepted personal loan and utility payments as alternative credit. 

“The Community Loan Fund worked with us every step of the way,” says Joe. “Awesome program.” 

“Every day I wake up here, I’m happy,” says Donna. “We save a little money, we work on things, and we’re getting there. But the biggest thing is, this is our forever home. We are … finally … HOME.” 

This story originally appeared in the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund’s 2016 annual report. 

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