How We’re Fighting Stigma Towards Manufactured Housing This Month

With its modern amenities, affordable prices and caring community, manufactured housing is among the most attractive options for homebuyers looking for a home that fits their needs and their budgets. However, stigmas associated with this type of housing and the people who live there can make it seem like a last resort. To address these misconceptions, Prosperity Now and the I’M HOME Network are fighting the negative stigma of manufactured housing with the Right at Home campaign.

So far, we’ve addressed some of the fallacies about manufactured housing while also showcasing the community of homeowners. We opened with a blog post that summarized the issue and set out the goals of the campaign along with a brief article highlighting 10 facts that counter some of the prevailing misconceptions about manufactured housing.

We’ve also shared valuable content from our partners. This article written by the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund describes the neighborly values that can be found in manufactured home communities, and this story by homeowner Kathy Zorotheos for ROC USA recounts how her community organized to purchase their park collectively when the owner decided to sell it.

Our partners in the I’M HOME Network have been active in sharing content for the campaign as well. Next Step has disseminated weekly videos that showcase the stories of manufactured homeowners in their own words, and ROC USA has similarly showcased some of the benefits of resident ownership as told by the residents themselves. Tara Reardon, of ROC-NH and the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, has also published an op-ed that hits at both the benefits of the manufactured home communities as well as some of the challenges facing these homeowners, specifically when it comes to zoning and equal treatment under the law.

Keep an eye out for more on social media using the hashtag #rightathome2018. We’ll be looking further into the modern amenities of the homes themselves, as well as the cost savings when compared to similar site-built homes. Still have questions or comments about manufactured homes and the stigma surrounding them? Mark your calendars for 3-4 pm on Thursday, October 25, to join Prosperity Now and the I’M HOME Network for a Twitter Town Hall about this issue.

This important conversation will continue this December in Nashville at the 14th annual I’M HOME Conference. Register here!

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