Interested in Workplace Financial Wellness Programs? Start Here.

Efforts to build financial wellness at work, like offering financial services as workplace benefits, are intended to help employees feel better about their financial lives and may be linked to improved productivity and increased employee engagement. To learn about the benefits of financial wellness programs, what types to offer and how to evaluate them, explore this series prepared by Prosperity Now and the Workforce Financial Stability Initiative (WFSI) at Washington University in St. Louis. WFSI is funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.  

The Untapped Potential of Workplace Financial Wellness Programs  

Why there is a large, missed opportunity to use the workplace as a tool to build savings. Read more

Low-Touch Servicing: Helping Employees in a Financial Pinch

Here are some promising ways employers are helping workers with their short-term financial needs. Read more

High-Touch Servicing: How to Invest in Employees' Financial Futures

The different options employers have for helping employees with long-term financial needs. Read more

How to Collect and Use Data to Improve Workplace Financial Wellness

An introduction to where employers should look for data to inform the design of financial wellness programs. Read more

The Future of Workplace Financial Wellness: Improving the Benefits of Benefits

Here’s how employers should approach new possibilities to expand workplace financial wellness beyond existing solutions. Read more

To learn more, visit Prosperity Now’s website for actionable resources for employers and WFSI’s website for research on approaches to building financial wellness at work.

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