Introducing the Children’s Savings Account (CSA) Starter Kit

As the children’s savings field continues to expand, program practitioners throughout the country have created new materials and tools and gathered best practices to help their programs expand and run more effectively. These resources can also provide guidance and sample materials for new and emerging programs. For example, San Francisco’s Kindergarten to College created a resource guide called Roadmap to College, which includes ideas and activities for creating a college-going culture at the K-5 level. College Bound Saint Paul, a program set to launch in 2020, developed a CSA program logic model that other programs can use to build their own logic models to establish long-term outcomes to track program success.  

As a leader in the CSA field, Prosperity Now strives to find new ways to support existing programs and provide the key ingredients to assist new programs on the horizon. That’s why we’ve compiled all of the CSA design materials and resources developed by Prosperity Now and samples from CSA programs throughout the country into a new online resource—the CSA Starter Kit. The Starter Kit is a "one-stop shop” which can be used to help design, implement and launch CSA programs.

The resources in the Starter Kit describe best practices for CSA functions such as incorporating information management systems, creating effective budgets and fundraising plans, engaging participants, and developing partnerships and outreach materials.  The newest resource in the Starter Kit is the Sample Work Plan and Customizable Template for CSA Program Design & Implementation. The sample work plan includes guidance on the steps involved in designing and implementing a CSA program along with a downloadable customizable work plan template that can be used by practitioners in setting up their programs.

We look forward to expanding the CSA Starter Kit as the field continues to grow. Thank you to all of our partners who have contributed so far! By working together to provide resources for new CSA programs throughout the country, we can create a strong foundation for the future of the field.

For ongoing information about the children’s savings field, join the Campaign for Every Kid’s Future and follow us on Twitter @savingsforkids.

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