This Month, Join Us in Improving Financial Health & Well-Being for All

Happy Financial Capability Month!

Every day and in every corner of our country, Prosperity Now staff see the ways in which financial capability issues can wreak havoc on a person's life. From a $400 car repair that forces a choice between getting to work or paying the rent to a major medical illness that takes away a family's income for the better part of a year, people's financial lives are complicated in a range of different ways.

The good news is that alongside these challenges, Prosperity Now staff also see the creative and innovative ways community organizations, municipal agencies, philanthropists and others are helping the families they serve set out on a pathway of lasting financial health. In our technical assistance and capacity-building work, for example, we see how organizations like Hopeworks 'N Camden are taking a holistic approach to financial health for the youth they serve, ensuring that when they get a good paying job, their hard-earned salaries will provide them with financial security. In our research work, we're talking to young workers who help us understand the complex financial challenges they are facing and how employers can better meet their needs. And every time I hit the road for a speaking engagement or partner meeting, there's a program manager who comes up to me to share a story about how a matched savings program helped someone stay in school, buy a home, or invest in a business.

We know two things about these financial capability-boosting programs: they work, and they deserve to be celebrated.

To raise up these promising practices and to celebrate the practitioners who make them possible, Prosperity Now is leveraging National Financial Capability Month for the third year in a row to draw attention to the range of ways families and communities want—and need—the knowledge, skills and access to products and services that help them navigate their financial lives. Throughout the month, we'll be raising up what works, sharing resources for how to approach your work through a financial capability lens, and highlighting opportunities for you to be more actively engaged.

If, like us, you're committed to building an economy in which families aren't forced into poverty because of a broken washing machine or a busted transmission, here are a few ways you can get involved this month as we celebrate Financial Capability Month:

Of course, Financial Capability Month is about all of us, so in addition to these actions, we'd love to hear how we might help amplify what you're doing in your community to boost financial health and well-being. Send us an email to let us know.

On behalf of the entire Prosperity Now family, thank you for all you do to put lasting financial well-being within reach!

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