#RightAtHome: Fighting the Stigma of Manufactured Housing

Manufactured housing represents the largest stock of unsubsidized affordable housing in the United States, with nearly 18 million Americans coming home to a manufactured residence. With its modern amenities, affordable prices and community features, manufactured housing is an attractive option for prospective homeowners.  

At the same time, stigma associated with manufactured housing, the communities in which it is sited and the people who dwell within have made manufactured housing seem like a last resort, rather than a choice. This October, Prosperity Now and our partners in the I’M HOME Network are launching a campaign to address this stigma. In the coming weeks, we will be focusing on some of the false narratives that persist about manufactured housing as well as highlighting many of the positive aspects these homes have to offer.

Stigmas are socially shared beliefs rooted in misconceptions that have very real consequences on both the stigmatized population and society at large, and it is no different for manufactured housing. It deters many Americans from recognizing these homes as a potential solution to their housing needs, influences laws across the country that treat manufactured housing unfairly compared to other housing options and can even affect how current manufactured homeowners see themselves.

While the roots of this stigma may run deep, they are not permanent. By challenging the stigma directly, we can start to move beyond the misinformation about this type of home to the benefit of not just current manufactured housing residents but for generations of homeowners to come.

This month, follow the I’M HOME Network on social media using the hashtag #rightathome2018 as we break down the stigma of manufactured housing. We will correct the myths and misconceptions around manufactured housing, showcase its diverse community of homeowners, highlight its modern features and explore how manufactured housing is an attractive and affordable option for millions of Americans.

This important conversation will continue this December in Nashville at the 14th annual I’M HOME Conference. Register now to stay involved!

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