The VITA-Train is Pulling Into the Station!

Forget about tickets, turnstiles, or even finding a seat! You’ll never find an easier train to get on! Last year, the Taxpayer Opportunity Network launched a VITA training designed by and for VITA programs affectionately dubbed the “VITA-Train.” This totally free, 12-part training helped volunteers certify at the VITA Basic level complete with downloadable modules, guided video narration, quizzes, “Dear Iris” tax scenarios and practice returns.

While robust, this training was not designed to supplant the IRS SPEC required certification training through Link and Learn; however, as a peer-cultivated system, the VITA-Train is meant to tackle what volunteers can be expected to see during the tax year. Throughout the course of the year, we had more than 35,000 video views, 3,000 downloads, and users from all 50 states and even Canada! To follow up on that resounding success, we’re proud to announce that the VITA-Train has come around for the second year and this year we’re hosting it here on Prosperity Now!

With the new tax year approaching, a great team of fellow VITA practitioners came together to help update the 12 modules to reflect the changes in the tax law. Their feedback was an essential part of the update process and the VITA-Train would not have left the depot without their continued partnership.

As was the case last year, this training is not meant as a replacement to the IRS certification process but a unique online portal for volunteers to access the best of classroom training without having to be in the same room. Many of the users last year noted that they would use the modules as supplemental to their own training platform to cover certain areas without having to devote the necessary additional time and resources for new training materials. If you want to use one, three or all twelve modules, the VITA-Train is designed to fit seamlessly into your own training to give you a leg up into the filing season! Even as we pull away, the depot is never too far so if you want to add more cars such as promising volunteer management resources, requests for additional practice returns or more scenarios, you can email us at

You can find the VITA-Train here or you can share it using the shortened link: To stay in touch with the VITA-Train and other Taxpayer Opportunity Network initiatives, you can join us! We’ve got a lot in store for the rest of 2019 and beyond so you don’t want to miss out! The Taxpayer Opportunity Network is committed to providing the most valuable resources for VITA programs and stakeholders so join us and have your voice heard!

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