What Does the Prosperity Now Community Care About, and How Does It Enable Change?

At Prosperity Now, we know that for our work to have a bigger impact in communities, we need to partner with practitioners, advocates, researchers and passionate organizations and individuals through the 24,000-strong Prosperity Now Community. To partner effectively, we need to know what effect our national outreach is having and the services and policies our community prioritizes. That’s why Prosperity Now (then CFED) surveyed the community last year to determine the status of our organizational partners and financial well-being work in the United States. 

The Field Survey collected baseline information from the Community about the kind of organizations they belong to, the extensive services provided to their clients, the issues they advocate for directly with policymakers, and the programmatic and policy solutions they think make the biggest difference in the lives of low to moderate income families. The information we collected has already been helpful in determining which issues we need to invest more resources and create learning opportunities in, as well as the products that make the most difference in the Community’s work.

In anticipation for our 2018 Field Survey, we wanted to share some of what we learned about the Community with you. In total, 517 people responded to the 2017 Field Survey, distributed in May of 2017. Below is a visual summary of what we learned from their responses. Keep scrolling for an opportunity to weigh in on this year's survey and get a chance to win a complementary registration to the 2018 Prosperity Summit.   

1. About the Organizations




2. Service Delivery and Programs





3. Policy and Advocacy





4. Promising Solutions for Financial Well-Being




On May 14, we released the 2018 Field Survey to the Prosperity Now Community to observe any changes over the past year or reinforce existing trends. Answers to this survey give us invaluable insight into the issues our Community focuses on, and that in turn shapes the learning opportunities we create to strengthen its practice. We also use information from this survey to identify specific organizations to highlight in webinars and in-person events. Plus, we invite stand-out organizations to join our technical assistance cohorts.

We encourage you to join the Prosperity Now Community and take part in the 2018 Field Survey. We never share individual responses externally, but we will share aggregated data back with you all later this year. By taking this survey, not only will you help shape our work, but you will be entered to win a complimentary Prosperity Summit registration and hotel stay!

To receive this survey and be entered to win a free Prosperity Summit registration and hotel stay, make sure to sign up for the Prosperity Now Community at prosperitynow.org/join.

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