Budget Calculator

The Budget Calculator can help you put together an overall budget for your CSA program. The various sections of the calculator will help you estimate program delivery costs and savings incentives for a one to five year period. To begin, enter your program's information in the forms below.

  • This calculator includes 3 steps: 1- Program Information, 2- Program Delivery Costs and 3- Savings Incentives. For each step, enter information about your planned program and click Next. Once you have completed all three steps, click Calculate and the calculator will crunch the numbers and give you a summary table and charts breaking down the costs by type on a yearly basis.
  • The headings of the tables are interactive you can click on the colored rows to expand and minimize the information under it.
  • To get started, enter your projected Program Information below then click next!

  • Refer to Chapter 9 of Investing in Dreams for additional information on calculating budget items for your program.
  • The calculator contains definitions of key terms. To view them, just hover your mouse over text. This is an example.
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    Step 1 - Program Information
    Enter the estimated number of new children you will enroll into your program each year for the first five years of the program.
    Year 1 - Number of children enrolled
    Year 2 - Number of children enrolled
    Year 3 - Number of children enrolled
    Year 4 - Number of children enrolled
    Year 5 - Number of children enrolled