Building High Impact Nonprofits of Color

In order to address the significant financial insecurity facing families and communities of color, the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative of Prosperity Now has committed to working with local organizations of color to strengthen their capability and access to resources. In our assessment and work over the years, we have learned that nonprofits of color, in particular, are well positioned to serve communities of color. These organizations are knowledgeable of the history and presence of financial and economic trauma in their affected communities and are able to develop programs, advocate for policies and share practices that are informed by the community.

The Racial Wealth Divide Initiative’s Approach

Communities of color need nonprofits of color with high impact asset-building services to address the national challenge of a broad and deep racial wealth divide. It is through this lens, that we approach the work of the Building High Impact Nonprofits of Color project. The goals of the project are to:

  • Assist in developing high impact nonprofit organizations of color focused on advancing economic opportunity nationally;
  • Build an understanding of the intersection of income, assets and the racial wealth divide;
  • Establish networks across sectors to have lasting local influence and advance social change;
  • Improve relationships between organizations of color, local organizations and asset-building institutions; and,
  • Equip organizations of color to become leading voices in local and national asset-building dialogues and decisions.

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Click below to learn more about the organizations and how their work is addressing racial economic inequalities and advancing economic opportunity.

Big Thought

Business & Community Lenders of Texas

Center for Racial Justice in Education

Christina Cultural Arts Center Inc.

Dallas Leadership Foundation

Delaware Center for Homeless Veterans

Delaware Community Reinvestment Action Council, Inc.

First State Community Loan Fund

Inspiring Tomorrow's Leaders

Kingswood Community Center

Latin American Community Center

Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League

Shared Housing Center


Racial Wealth Divide Data Profiles

Racial Wealth Divide Data Profiles provide data on economic inequalities and helps readers understand how racial economic inequality affects economically marginalized communities.

The development of these profiles is one of the first steps taken under the Building High Impact Nonprofits of Color project, funded by JPMorgan Chase. The project aims to advance best practices and strengthen resources for nonprofits of color.

Click on the icons below to read the profiles for that city.

Race and Wealth in New Orleans

Race and Wealth in Miami

Race and Wealth in Chicago

Race and Wealth in Baltimore

Race and Wealth in Dallas

Race and Wealth in Austin

Race and Wealth in Wilmington

Below are versions of each profile optimized for screen readers.

Race and Wealth in New Orleans

Race and Wealth in Miami

Race and Wealth in Chicago

Race and Wealth in Baltimore