Community Champions

The Prosperity Now Community facilitates learning, creates connections and inspires action to create and improve programs and policies that foster opportunity, especially for those who have not had it before. Our unwavering commitment to creating prosperity includes efforts on a wide range of issues, such as consumer protections, equity in the tax code, increasing affordable housing and removing barriers to saving and building wealth.

Prosperity Now identifies key leaders in communities across the country to be our partners in advancing strong and effective programs and policies at all levels of government. These partners are called Prosperity Now’s Community Champions. Community Champions are state, local and native groups that coordinate a network or coalition and are committed to advancing policy. There are currently 93 Community Champions in 45 states and DC. Community Champions are listed in the below map.

Organizations that have an active leadership and convening role in their state, local or tribal community can become Community Champions. They are our partners on the ground, convening others around these issues, sharing information and working to create greater wealth equity for all. Prosperity Now is committed to building up the knowledge, skills and capacity of these Champions to be stronger and more effective leaders.

Growing our partnerships with Community Champions is a vital part of the strength of our Prosperity Now Community, which is why applications are accepted once a year for this position. The Community Champion Application process will open in Fall 2019.