Community Steering Committee

The Prosperity Now Community is guided by a Community Steering Committee (CSC), who provide advice on the structure, offerings and overall direction of the Community. The CSC helps elevate the voices, needs and experiences of our partners in local communities to in form our national work. The CSC is comprised of leaders drawn from the Community. These individuals reflect the diversity of experience, expertise and focus of the field.

The Community Steering Committee members are:

  1. Rodolfo Acosta-Pérez (Community Action Agency of Southern New Mexico)
  2. Haidee Cabusora (The Financial Clinic, New York City)
  3. Lucy Gorham (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)
  4. Brent Kakesako (Ho’owaiwai Network, Hawaii)
  5. Mohan Kanungo (Mission Asset Fund, San Francisco)
  6. Krystal Langholz (First Nations Oweesta Corporation)
  7. Andrea Luquetta-Kern (California Reinvestment Coalition)
  8. Bernie Mazyck (South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development)
  9. Robin McKinney (Maryland CASH Campaign)
  10. Jessica Sotelo (Partners for Prosperity / Idaho Asset Building Network)
  11. Woody Widrow (RAISE Texas)
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