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So You Want to Design a Survey?

Outcome Measurement: Tracking Financial Capability

Tracking financial capability is a series designed for frontline organizations that plan to provide, or are already providing, services to help clients manage their financial resources more effectively and become more financially secure. The three guides in this series will help you establish processes to track your programs to ensure they are being implemented as planned and resulting in the outcomes you set out to achieve.

Guide 1: Identify and Prioritize Your Expected Outcomes

This guide will help you with a) understanding what financial capability outcomes are, b) identifying desired financial capability outcomes for your clients, and c) prioritizing which financial capability outcomes to track.

Guide 2: Build Your Logic Model

This guide will help you with building a logic model for your program process and program outcomes as well as how to use your logic model to support program planning.

Guide 3: Select and Collect Indicator Data

This guide will help you a) defining your key indicators, b) planning how you will collect the relevant data, c) setting target benchmarks for your indicators, and d) collecting the data and review your indicators periodically.

Measuring Financial Well-Being

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) partnered with Prosperity Now and its research partners to research financial well-being in America. The first phase of the research involved extensive interviews with working-age consumers, older Americans, and financial practitioners to develop a consumer-driven definition of financial well-being. The next phase of the project was to develop a measure of financial well-being that can be widely used by researchers and practitioners to help improve the financial lives of American consumers.

Financial well-being: The goal of financial education

This report provides a conceptual framework for defining and measuring success in financial education by delivering a proposed definition of financial well-being and insight into the factors that contribute to it.

Measuring financial well-being: A guide to using the CFPB Financial Well-Being Scale

The financial well-being scale is designed to allow practitioners to accurately and consistently measure the extent to which someone's financial situation and financial capability that they have developed provide them with security and freedom of choice.

CFPB Financial Well-Being Scale: Scale development technical report

This technical report describes the development of the CFPB Financial Well-Being Scale and provides resources researchers can use to score responses to the scale items.


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