2017 Prosperity Now Scorecard Launch Webinar



Data is key to making the case for policies and programs that promote prosperity.

The Prosperity Now Scorecard equips advocates, policymakers, service providers and others with data on how residents in states, counties and cities across the nation are faring when it comes to their financial health, as well as on state-level policies that could be enacted to put all U.S. households on stronger financial footing.

\cover_stuck_from_the_start.jpgThe measures—many of which are disaggregated by race to help close the racial wealth divide—span five distinct issue areas:

  • Financial Assets & Income
  • Businesses & Jobs
  • Housing & Homeownership
  • Health Care
  • Education

This year's Scorecard was released Tuesday, July 25. In this webinar we discussed the most salient findings and trends as they relate to how residents are faring financially and what policy actions we can take to help families improve their financial health.

Missed this webinar? Access the slides and the recording from the presentation here!

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