2019 Financial Coaching Network Bi-Monthly Peer Call Series


Announcing the 2019 Prosperity Now Financial Coaching Network Bi-Monthly Peer Call Series

Want to network nationally with other practitioners in the financial coaching field? If so, join the Financial Coaching Network for our updated bi-monthly, peer-led call series on financial coaching topics! These calls, featuring guest practitioners, will cover a variety of topics most pressing to the financial coaching field, provide useful tips and resources and serve as a peer-learning platform. Most of all, the calls are free!

After every call, we'll ask those who join to share financial coaching-related topics they'd like to discuss on future calls, and offer participants the opportunity to be volunteer facilitators on those calls.

New for 2019:  This year, we’re designing calls for coaches (April and October), program directors and managers (June and December) and for everyone working on coaching (August). You can attend any or ALL of the calls, regardless of role. We’re taking this new approach to help us better tailor content according to the priorities of our members' work.

Join the series! It’s where the financial coaching programs will be hanging out.

These webinars are free, but advanced registration is required—register today! One registration signs you up for the entire series. Unable to attend one of the live events? Register anyway so we can share the recording with you by email after the webinar is over.

One final note: By joining the series, you'll be added to the Prosperity Now Financial Coaching Network so you can receive periodic updates about new coaching resources and opportunities—for free!  


Date Time Name
The Role of Financial Technology in Addressing Racial Economic Inequality

In this webinar we discuss how Fintech could work as a tool and resource to address the racial wealth divide.

Core Competencies for Financial Coaches: Navigating Identity Differences

Join us on April 18th from 3-4:30 pm ET for the first in our 2019 series of bi-monthly peer calls. This event is one of our new "Coach Track" sessions specifically designed for financial coaches. During this webinar, we’ll discuss how financial coaches navigate identity differences (race, class, age, sexual orientation, country of origin, etc.) when working with clients—in a way that centers the client and builds on their unique strengths. We’ll review a couple of tools from our Financial Coaching Program Design Guide and facilitate an interactive discussion with attendees, so bring your questions and experiences to share with your peers!

Supporting Coaches

Join us on June 27th from 3-4:30 pm ET for the second session in our 2019 series of bi-monthly peer calls. This call is designed for Program Directors and Managers. We’ll have guest Program Directors from the field share how they’ve overcome common challenges as managers, such as the the pressure to fulfill metrics, emotional burnout, and provide resources on how to better support their team members.

New Brief On the Frontlines lifts up Coaches’ Perspectives​

We’ll be discussing our latest financial coaching brief, On the Frontlines, which lifts up the perspectives of financial coaches on:

  • A typical day in the life of a financial coach
  • Training needs of financial coaches
  • Peer support needs of financial coaches
  • How we measure success of financial coaching services
  • Future thoughts for the field
December Bi-Monthly Peer Call - Managers & Directors Track

Stay tuned for this month's topic!