2019 Savings Network Webinar Series


Announcing Prosperity Now's 2019 Savings Network Webinar Series. 

In this series, we'll deepen our understanding of how to advance savings in our communities through conversations with asset-building practitioners, policy advocates, product developers, and others across the country. Across the year, we’ll explore the continuum of savings needs through policies and programs that support families as they save for day-to-day needs, address financial needs in the short term, and build wealth for the long term. This is an interactive peer learning series—we look forward to collaborating with you on these critical topics!

We look forward to speaking with you—bring your own questions and ideas to the conversation, and invite a colleague to join you.
NOTE: This webinar series is free, but advanced registration is required—register today! One registration signs you up for the entire 2019 Savings Network webinar series and gives you access to materials from webinars you miss.You'll also be added to the Prosperity Now Savings Network so you can receive periodic updates about new resources or information from the savings field—for free!


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The Future of Federal & State Savings Policies

This event has ended.

With a topic as big as savings, it can be hard to keep track of all the policy efforts being undertaken across the country. Join us for our first 2019 Savings Network webinar on Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 from 2-3:30 pm ET to explore current policy proposals for savings. During our discussion, we’ll bring these efforts into focus, examining proposals from policymakers and advocates at the state and federal levels to advance policies supporting matched savings programs, emergency savings solutions, and other savings initiatives. 

We will be joined by Prosperity Works, Michael Barrio and Prosperity Now's Joanna Ain

Together, we’ll explore questions such as: 
•    Which savings policies are being advanced at the federal level?
•    What promising advances in savings are happening at the state level? 
•    How can the Savings Network support advocacy for these initiatives?


Unequal Footing: Addressing Racial Economic Inequality Across the Savings Landscape (Part 1)

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The history and present-day policies and practices of racism and discrimination have had profound impacts on the financial lives of people and communities of color. Of course, these impacts extend to the savings needs of communities. In this webinar, we intend to explore this legacy of racial economic inequality and how present-day policies and institutions shape economic behavior. We will hear from a panel of practitioners about how they’ve been exploring racial wealth equity in their communities and what that means for the savings, and other financial capability programs.   

Understanding Racial Economic Inequality & Savings Behavior (Part 2)

This event has ended.

In the first part of our webinar series exploring racial wealth equity with savings programs, we heard from a panel of practitioners about how they’ve been exploring racial wealth equity in their communities and what that means for financial capability programs. In this conversation, we will take this a step further and discuss how to develop savings programs that are designed with racial wealth equity in mind. Join us and a panel of expert practitioners as we explore questions like: what assumptions need to be challenged? How do we involve communities in the development of solutions? How do we make our programs truly responsive to the dynamic needs of communities?


November Savings Network Webinar

Stay tuned for this month's topic!