Don't Spin Your Wheels: VITA-Train Year 2 Launch


Choo-choo! The VITA-Train is finally here and we’re ready to push off into another filing season! Our 12-module platform gives all your volunteers need to complete their Basic Level certification; for your returning volunteers, we have a special module with an update focused on what’s new – including Advanced level certification topics. These modules will feature our unique “Dear Iris” advice columns, quizzes and practice returns – a full spectrum for your volunteers to help make your training process as easy as possible. 

To kick off our VITA-Train, we’re going to be releasing it via webinar on November 14! During this 60-minute interactive webinar session, we’ll cover the nuances of the VITA-Train, how to administer and hear from you! Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to have your questions answered! If you want to join the conversation, please register today!

As a note, this webinar is being recorded and will be released out to the public within one week of the live event. You’ll need to be registered to be one of the first people to know about the webinar recording release! 

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