The Ever-Growing Racial Wealth Gap: Policy Origins, Policy Solutions


Despite the economic recovery since the Great Recession, the racial wealth gap for African American and Latino families has only widened. Though public programs like SNAP and Social Security help, tax policy in particular plays an important role in shaping the conditions that drive this wealth divide. How does tax policy impact the conditions that lead to damaging racial wealth inequity? How can tax policy help? What can nonprofits and other advocates do to influence change in an upside-down tax code that rewards the wealthy over working families?

On this webinar, attendees joined Asset Building Policy Network (ABPN) members Prosperity Now and National Council of La Raza (NCLR) for an interactive webinar on Thursday, March 23, as we discussed the racial wealth divide and the role that tax policies play in driving this ever-growing gap. We talked about policies like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) that are helping to combat the racial wealth gap and actions we can take to ensure the tax code is helping those who need the most help building wealth, build wealth.

We spoke with Prosperity Now’s Emanuel Nieves, Senior Policy Manager, and Chad Bolt, Legislative Analyst, as well as with Yuqi Wang, Policy Analyst with NCLR.

This event has ended. Please see below for resources from this event.

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