Everything You Want to Know About CSA Info Systems!


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Practitioners designing CSA programs for their communities commonly grapple with the same question: what kind of information management system should we have in place to manage accounts and track performance? Prosperity Now recently released a new paper to help address this question, entitled Zen and the Art of Information Management:  The Current State and Future Evolution of Information Management Systems for Children’s Savings Accounts.

Join the Campaign for Every Kid’s Future on Tuesday, June 4, 2019, from 2-3:15 pm ET for a webinar on information management systems for CSA programs featuring findings from this latest release. Co-authors Carl Rist and Erin Thiemann will be joined by practitioners from two of the country’s leading CSA programs: Boston Saves, managed by the City of Boston Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development, and Brilliant Baby and Kindergarten to College, managed by Oakland Promise. This webinar will be an opportunity to review the paper’s findings, hear what Boston Saves and Oakland Promise have learned from using different information systems, and engage other practitioners in an in-depth conversation about CSA information systems. 


  • Gosia Tomaszewska, City of Boston Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development
  • Chris Hwang, Oakland Promise
  • Carl Rist, Prosperity Now
  • Erin Thiemann, Prosperity Now

If you’re interested in starting a CSA program, or currently operating one, this conversation is for you!

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