Exploring the Evidence of Medical Financial Partnerships


This event has passed.

Interested in the connection between health and wealth? We invite you to join the Medical Financial Partnership Network for our latest webinar! This webinar will feature a discussion with leading researchers from the Financial Futures for Families Program at Johns Hopkins University as well as researchers from Upstream Lab at the Centre for Urban Health Solutions at St. Michael’s Hospital, who will present on the implementation and evaluation of an online tool to assess income insecurity in patients. Together, we’ll learn about impact of medical financial partnerships (MFPs), discuss gaps in current research, and hear advice for funding MFP research initiatives.

Guest speakers include:

  • Anne Rucchetto, Upstream Lab
  • Noi (Rose) Wang, Upstream Lab
  • Andrew Pinto, Upstream Lab
  • Barry Solomon, John Hopkins University
  • Karl Johnson, John Hopkins University
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