Financial Coaching Network Bi-Monthly Peer Call Series


This webinar series is being revamped for 2019. Stay tuned for an updated call schedule and registration link.

Announcing the Prosperity Now Financial Coaching Network Bi-Monthly Peer Call Series

Want to network nationally with other practitioners in the financial coaching field? If so, please join us for our new bi-monthly, peer-led call series on financial coaching topics! These calls, which will be facilitated by practitioners in the financial coaching field, will cover a variety of topics most pressing to the field, provide useful tips and resources and serve as a peer-learning platform. Most of all, the calls are free!

After every call, we will ask those who join in to share financial coaching-related topics they want to discuss on future calls and give the opportunity to be volunteer facilitators in the future.

Join the series! It’s where the financial coaching programs will be hanging out.

One final note: by joining the series we’ll add you to the Prosperity Now Financial Coaching Network so you can receive periodic updates about new resources or information from the financial coaching field for free!


Date Time Name
Fintech & Racial Equity in Financial Coaching

Financial technology, or fintech, is a concept that is growing in attention and popularity among non-profit organization. Fintech companies are creating innovative financial products that show promise for making our financial lives more manageable. However, we continue to hear questions from non-profit service providers about whether fintech can build wealth for low-income people and people of color and how it might augment existing services. Together with service providers and fintech experts we will explore the question: What role does fintech have in supporting people of color? 

Perspectives from the Field: Understanding & Navigating Systemic Barriers When Delivering Financial Coaching

On this call, we’ll continue the discussion about racial equity and financial coaching we started in June and dug deeper into on August’s bi-monthly call. We’ll speak with experienced practitioners from the field about a number of issues: 

  • How local and/or state policies directly influence what’s happening in their communities; 
  • How they’re pivoting their organizations and programs to acknowledge and address systemic barriers, and 
  • Ideas about how financial coaching programs can move from understanding data to taking informed action.  
  • We’ll also open up the call for a group discussion with all of you who tune in! 

To prepare for this call, we encourage you to review the slides from August’s peer learning call for helpful context and framing. 

Financial Coaching & Racial Equity

During our June call, we’ll begin to discuss the role of financial coaching in addressing the racial wealth divide—and what that means for our clients, our coaches and our organizations.

A recent survey we sent to Network members revealed that 100% of respondents were interested in learning more about institutional and structural racism as well as how it impacts economic equality. Ninety-three percent of respondents shared that it’s important for financial coaches to understand the racial disparities impacting community members.

Tune into the conversation on Wednesday, June 27 to learn about and explore these topics with your peers and Prosperity Now.

Racial Equity Part 2: Exploring Common Programmatic Challenges Through the Larger Contexts in Which Our Communities Live

On this call, we’ll continue the conversation about racial equity and financial coaching that we started during June’s bi-monthly peer call. Specifically, we’ll identify common financial coaching programmatic challenges, and hear from financial coaches about stepping back to understand the context in which our communities live while considering the many barriers they navigate. We’ll discuss what may be at the root of these challenges and what we can do about them—from program design to delivery. Two leading practitioners will join the call to share their thoughts and experiences. We’ll also open up the call for a group discussion with all of you who tune in!

Guest Speakers:

Before the August call, we encourage you to review the slides from June’s Financial Coaching Network bi-monthly peer call for helpful context and framing.

Digital Financial Coaching Tools

This month, we'll speak with our friends at about digital tools for financial coaches and coaching clients.

Financial Technology

This Valentine's Day, our call will focus on financial technology services which may be of value to financial coaching programs and their low- and moderate-income clients.

Metrics, Scales and Using Data to Inform Our Work

On this call, Satori Bailey from Center for Economic Progress in Chicago will lead a discussion with guests from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Financial Security, and the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunities in VT on how metrics and scales can be used to help us better our work. Then we’ll open up the call to have a group conversation with all of you!

To help you prepare for the call, we have two background readings on financial coaching data collection and scales:                              

Come with your questions, stories and lessons to share—at all experience levels. We look forward to an engaging discussion with you!

Supporting Financial Coaches: Financial Coaching Trainings, Continued Learning & Professional Development Opportunitie

Moderated by Master Coach Jay Jackson of Hopeworks N'Camden, this call will review tools and resources available to support the training and professional development of financial coaches. Whether you're supervising financial coaching staff members or volunteers, or looking for tips to improve your own financial coaching skillset, this discussion is for you!

Guest Speakers: 

Financial Coaching Client Engagement Strategies

Our first call in the new Financial Coaching Network Bi-Monthly Peer Call Series will be held on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 from 2-3 pm EDT. This inaugural call, led by Anne Leeland Clark from Prepare + Prosper, will focus on client engagement strategies for financial coaches. Bring your experiences and your questions to this interactive discussion!