Housing Assistance and CSA Programs: Making the Connection


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The movement to expand economic security for low-income communities is abuzz with collaboration and integration. On Tuesday, October 23rd from 2-3 pm ET, we’ll take a deep dive into two programs offering Children’s Savings Accounts (CSAs) as part of housing authority or housing assistance programs: Springboard to Opportunities, which works with families living in affordable housing in Jackson, Mississippi, and Tacoma Housing Authority, which operates in a neighborhood where nearly two-thirds of children live below the poverty line.

How are these two organizations addressing deep-seated economic inequities at the local level? Join our interactive webinar to learn more!

Featured speakers:

  • Aisha Nyandoro, Springboard to Opportunities
  • Amy Van, Tacoma Housing Authority
  • Monica Copeland, Prosperity Now
  • Diego Quezada, Prosperity Now

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