Lunch and Learn: Volunteer Management Software


We all know the “V” in VITA are the most valuable asset to the program! Volunteers are the backbone of VITA and without them, the program would not be the community cornerstone it is today. In celebration of volunteers, TON has convened six volunteer management software vendors to answer your questions and showcase their product. If you’re looking for new volunteer software, you definitely do not want to miss out on this unique opportunity!

In this special six-week Lunch and Learn series, TON will give you the opportunity to explore each management software while hearing from the vendor and your peers in the field on how they use it to maximize the volunteer experience! We know you’re busy even though the April 15 deadline has long passed so this series will have recordings of each session; however, be sure to attend so you can get your specific questions answered!

  • CERVIS: You can find the recording here
  • AppointmentPlus: You can find the recording here.
  • Volgistics: You can find the recording here
  • Volunteer Hub: You can find the recording here
  • EZNet Scheduler: You can find the recording here
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