Virtual Regional Listening and Strategy Sessions


It is more important now than ever that we work together to make economic opportunity a reality for all.

We’re all navigating significant change as we move into 2017: a new Administration, a new Congress, new state and local policy environments and more. With all that’s at stake, now is the time to map out how we can work together most powerfully to advance economic opportunity at the local, state and federal levels while protecting all the progress that we’ve made so far.

To do this, Prosperity Now needs to learn more—more about the priorities and perceived risks in your state and more about how you’d like to connect with your peers to move a cohesive, aligned set of strategies moving forward. Time is of the essence. With that in mind, will you take an hour to join us for a small-group Virtual Regional Listening & Strategy Session?

In partnership with the Assets & Opportunity Network Steering Committee, Prosperity Now facilitated virtual listening sessions in eight regions across the country in the first couple of weeks of 2017. Your participation in these sessions was vital as we chart a new course. We encouraged organizations that are working to empower all U.S. families to become more financially secure to join the session for your region.

Each Virtual Regional Listening & Strategy Session lasted an hour and included:

  • Peer-to-peer sharing about the risks facing vulnerable families, state and local policy priorities and lessons learned about which strategies are most effective in achieving progress.
  • Updates on Prosperity Now’s perspectives on federal policy challenges and the opportunities we see to drive our collective strategies forward.
  • Discussion about opportunities for organizations and individuals to engage at local, regional or federal levels.
  • The chance to voice which types of support would be most valuable to you as you work to create opportunity in your state or community.

These Virtual Regional Listening & Strategy Sessions were open to anyone committed to creating a more equitable economy. All sessions took place via interactive conference call.

Questions? Email Fran Rosebush Baylor, Director of Field Engagement, at

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