Upcoming and Archived Webinars

The Taxpayer Opportunity Network will host regular webinars to feature expert speakers on a range of topics to bring you the latest from the field.

Upcoming Webinars

Lunch and Learn Series: Volunteer Management Series

July 17, July 24, July 31, August 14, August 21 | 12 - 1 PM ET

In this special five-event Lunch and Learn series, TON will give you the opportunity to explore each management software while hearing from the vendor and your peers in the field on how they use it to maximize the volunteer experience!

Stay tuned for future learning opportunities! If you have any ideas or suggestions for future learning opportunities, email us!

Archived Webinars

Tax Season Debrief

May 2, 2019
Powerpoint Presentation

This Tax Season Debrief was a 90-minute interactive session, during which we recapped the filing season and heard your perspectives on many of the hot topics that emerged over the past few months.

Q is for Quality: Reviewing Quality Changes in 2019

January 17, 2019
Webinar Recording | Powerpoint Presentation

Do you have any quality review or process questions? You’ve come to the right place! The Taxpayer Opportunity Network team is committed to providing the crucial quality tips and solutions to help you maximize your quality rates going forward!

Connect the Dots: Enhanced Data Collection for VITA Programs

December 18, 2018
Webinar Recording Powerpoint Presentation

During this webinar, you heard from your colleagues in the field, as well as national partners who have designed, prepared, and tested a taxpayer survey for your use in tax sites this filing season. We showcased the great work done by these partners, what it can mean for VITA and the clients you serve and tell you how to implement it in your program! 

Looking Ahead: The Future of EITC and Working Families

November 15, 2018
Webinar Recording | Powerpoint Presentation

During this peer discussion, we heard from field and institutional leaders who have pushed EITC state initiatives forward. We showcased the great work done by these partners and strategized how you can apply it to your state!

Taxpayer Opportunity Network Presents: VITA Training for You!

November 5, 2018
Webinar Recording | Powerpoint Presentation

Prosperity Now's Taxpayer Opportunity Network has developed a training platform designed to get your volunteers trained and ready to pass the IRS Certification tests through the Basic Level.  The training platform, made possible with the generous support of Capital One, is completely modular and portable.  Program managers and site coordinators can take any—or all—of the 12 included modules to download or embed into your own training, or simply use the entire platform as a stand-alone training tool.

Innovations in VITA Program Design: Strategies from the Common Cents Lab

December 18, 2017
Webinar Recording Powerpoint Presentation

On December 18, we discussed behavioral economics and tax-time interventions with the Common Cents Lab, part of the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University. Researchers from the Common Cents Lab and the VITA programs they partnered with shared findings from two recent studies that can help your sites in the upcoming tax season.

Tax-Time Savings: Lessons, Recommendations and Practical Applications from Your Peers

October 18, 2017
Webinar Recording | Powerpoint Presentation

This unique learning opportunity offered you the chance to hear from your peers in the community tax preparation field on what they’ve learned over the years. We also shared findings from Prosperity Now’s cohort of VITA partners who integrated financial capability into their programs last tax season, on their successes, challenges, promising practices and more!

Connecting Your Clients to Savings: Promoting Tax Time Savings

October 4, 2017
Webinar Recording | Powerpoint Presentation

On October 4th, Prosperity Now hosted a webinar on promoting savings at tax time using their new toolkit and findings from experts in the field including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

Growing Virtually: Extending the Reach of Your Virtual VITA Program!

August 29, 2017
Webinar Recording | Powerpoint Presentation

On August 29th, Prosperity Now hosted a webinar on three different practitioner perspectives on virtual VITA and implementing into different programs. 

Find Out How TAC and TAS Can Help You!

July 12, 2017
Webinar Recording | Powerpoint Presentation

On July 12th, Prosperity Now hosted a webinar on the benefits and services provided by two unique branches of the IRS: Taxpayer Assistance Centers and Taxpayer Advocate Service. 

Volunteer Engagement: Recognition and Year-Round Retention Strategies

March 22, 2017
Webinar Recording | Powerpoint Presentation

On March 22nd, Prosperity Now hosted an interactive webinar with its field consultant for the Taxpayer Opportunity Network, Phil Poirier on the findings of the Volunteer Management Working Group and your own colleagues in building successful engagement strategies throughout the year.

Creating a More Equitable Tax Code Through Advocacy 101!

February 15, 2017
Webinar Recording | Powerpoint Presentation | Handouts

On February 15th, Prosperity Now hosted a webinar with Center on Budget and Policy Priorities on ways to advocate for the future of VITA and the EITC.

TaxSlayer for VITA: Mastering the TaxSlayer Report Feature

February 8, 2017
Webinar Recording | Powerpoint Presentation Form 8888 Guide

On February 8th, Prosperity Now hosted a webinar with TaxSlayer and IRS SPEC to go over the reporting feature for TaxSlayer for the 2017 tax season.

Navigating the ITIN Renewal Process: Implications for the Immigrant and VITA Communities

January 25, 2017
Webinar Recording | Powerpoint Presentation

On January 25th, Prosperity Now hosted a webinar on ITIN renewals featuring experts from National Immigration Law Center, National Council of La Raza, the IRS ITIN Program Office, and the University of Las Vegas Nevada.

TaxSlayer for VITA: Updates for the 2017 Tax Season

January 19, 2017
Webinar Recording | Powerpoint Presentation

On January 19th, Prosperity Now hosted a webinar with TaxSlayer, IRS SPEC, and CFED’s tax consultant to go over the updates from TaxSlayer for the 2017 tax season.

Delayed Refund VITA Communications Campaign: Messaging Strategies and Tools for VITA Programs

November 18,2016
Powerpoint Presentation | Webinar Recording | Generic VITA EITC Refund Delay Press Release

This webinar featured representatives from Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation, Glen Echo Group, National Consumers League, and Prepare + Prosper to announce and roll out their messaging campaign around the delayed EITC refund. In addition, there are generic press release templates for VITAs to discuss the delay with tax filers.

Maximizing the VITA Volunteer Experience

November 17, 2016
Powerpoint Presentation | Webinar Recording

This webinar featured experts in the volunteer management, recruitment, and retention space. In addition, it featured a discussion amongst the experts on the most pressing volunteer concerns.

Introduction to the TaxSlayer Practice Lab for VITA

June 24, 2016
PowerPoint Presentation | Webinar Recording

This webinar featured TaxSlayer and their released VITA/TCE Practice Lab in May. Over 2,000 users have already set up accounts and begun preparing practice returns using the new TaxSlayer software. Attendees joined the Taxpayer Opportunity Network as we welcomed Kim Manuel from TaxSlayer to learn more about the new Practice Lab and the TaxSlayer software.

Leveraging the Tax Moment to Build Financial Capability Webinar

June 9, 2016
PowerPoint Presentation | Webinar Recording

This webinar featured representatives from foundations, government agencies and practitioners sharing the lessons they've learned about tax-time financial capability integration and the questions they're still trying to answer. We also discussed program design theories and how to incorporate client-entered approaches into this work. We wrapped up by sharing tools and resources that programs can apply to their work today.

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