The Smart Growth Web Sessions

In 2017, the Smart Growth team hosted a 10-week series of 30-minute web sessions and activities that brought agencies together to think strategically about industry problems and explore innovation solutions. Through this series, the participants:

  • Created models and maps that helped them discover the identified challenge
  • Drafted an interview guide to learn about and document clients’ perspective on the identified challenge
  • Practiced creative techniques to design and solicit feedback on solution(s) to the challenge
  • Assessed fit of the solution(s) with clients
  • Decided whether they should continue investing in the solution(s) for further development

In addition to the six regular sessions, the Smart Growth team hosted four Q&A sessions to help participants progress through the cohort activities. You may access the recordings & materials by clicking on their respective links below.

Web Session I: Innovation Cohort Information Session
Web Session II: Discover, Part 1
Web Session III: Discover, Part 2
Web Session IV: Design
Web Session V: Test
Web Session VI: Wrap Up & Next Steps


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