Our Team

Our team has extensive experience as thought leaders in the child savings accounts movement. If you are a member of the media and are interested in interviewing one of our experts, please contact Kristin Lawton, Director of Communications, via email or by calling 202.207.0137.

Robert Friedman
Robert (Bob) Friedman is the Founder and senior strategic advisor to the 1:1 Fund. He also founded Prosperity Now (formerly CFED) in 1979 and continues as Prosperity Now’s Chair of the Board and General Counsel. Bob’s most recent focus has been the launch of the 1:1 Fund, Bob was also an instrumental leader in the Saving for Education, Entrepreneurship and Downpayment (SEED) program, an initiative to create an inclusive system of children’s saving accounts in the United States.
Carl Rist
Carl Rist is the Senior Director of the Children's Savings team at Prosperity Now, which oversees the 1:1 Fund.
Monica Copeland
Monica Copeland is a Senior Program Manager on the Children’s Savings team. In this role, she manages the operations of the 1:1 Fund, leads the planning and execution of learning events, and coordinates the team’s communications work.
Diego Quezada
Diego Quezada is a Program Associate with the Children’s Savings and Entrepreneurship teams. He provides research, writing and event-planning support for the 1:1 Fund, the Campaign for Every Kids Future and the Entrepreneurship team.
Kristin Lawton
Kristin Lawton is the Senior Director of Communications for Prosperity Now, where she leads the public relations and online communications for the organization, including media relations; Prosperity Now’s website, www.prosperitynow.org, and other sites under Prosperity Now’s purview; and social marketing and social media efforts.