Andre Carneiro

Associate Director, IT

My name is Andre Carneiro. I was born and have spent my entire life living in the Silver Spring, MD area. I graduated from McDaniel College with a BA in Physics. However, for most of my work experience and free time, I found myself working in tech and customer service roles. This isn’t shocking as I love technology and I love helping people. After graduating in May 2016, I was hired as a temporary helpdesk technician. I am now the helpdesk manger. My role now is to manage the helpdesk and its team while also performing many IT administration tasks and taking on many different projects. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Cybersecurity from UMBC. I hope to take the skills I learn from obtaining this degree and applying them at Prosperity Now, as cybersecurity is extremely important, but so often flies under the radar at many organizations.

My parents were both born and raised in Portugal and individually traveled to the United States in search of better economic opportunities in the 1980s. My sister and I are both first generation Americans. My dad never had the opportunity to finish primary school and my mom never finished secondary school. They both chose to work to support themselves and their families. My parents worked very hard to provide me and my sister the opportunity to go out and pursue the careers we wanted. Their sacrifices have been an important inspiration and motivation to me. When I learned about Prosperity Now and its mission, I couldn’t think of a more perfect organization to begin my career.