Fatima Peterson

Director of Institutional Fundraising

Fatima Schoemaker Minardi is the Associate Director for Institutional Fundraising at Prosperity Now. Prior to joining Prosperity Now, she was the Senior Foundation and Corporate Development Officer for The Global Fund for Children, an international grant-maker. Ms. Schoemaker Minardi worked closely with the organization’s development and program teams to build and maintain strong relationships with corporate and foundation donors.

Before joining GFC, she was the grant writer for Refugees International, a nonprofit advocacy group, where she was responsible for securing nearly 50% of the organization’s annual operating budget. She previously served as the operations and planning manager for the Native American Youth and Family Center, a nonprofit serving the urban Native community in Portland, Oregon. Ms. Schoemaker Minardi worked in the organization’s asset-building and poverty-reduction department, supporting program planning efforts and helping to raise millions in government and foundation funding.

As an undergraduate, she studied human rights and women’s rights issues in El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, focusing on the impacts of domestic violence, race and socioeconomic factors on the lives of people living in border towns. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Goucher College.