2019 Prosperity Now Scorecard Toolkit

Prosperity Now has released its 2019 Scorecard and accompanying resources. The Scorecard presents a long-lived truth that many Americans – especially people of color – remain vulnerable should the nation’s economy take a turn for the worse. This year’s Scorecard edition includes an expanded focus on racial economic inequality while also highlighting themes of savings; wealth and homeownership; and healthcare.

As a premier financial research tool, the Prosperity Now Scorecard inserts traditionally overlooked data regarding the day-to-day influence of the economy on the average American household. Copy and paste themed messages below to use on your own social media so that you can help share key messages about the economic standing of U.S. households, along with strategic solutions for change.


General Scorecard Messages

  • The 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard is your premier source for comprehensive #data on household #FinancialHealth. Explore the key findings of the Scorecard here: http://bit.ly/2019scmain
  • The 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard utilizes over 70 key measures to assess the #EconomicDisparities in each U.S. state. Take a look at the Prosperity Now Scorecard tool to compare your state’s rank from 2018 to 2019. http://bit.ly/2019scorecard
  • The #ProsperityNowScorecard provides a comprehensive analysis of household #EconomicGrowth across the nation. Dig into key #EconomicOutcomes by location in the Scorecard state brief. http://bit.ly/2019scstate
  • According to the 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard, 40% of #Americans are liquid asset poor – meaning a large amount of our population lacks the savings to weather just one financial crisis. View more top level data in the Scorecard key findings report. http://bit.ly/2019scmain

Racial Disparity Messages

  • Haven’t you heard? The 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard includes expanded #data on racial #EconomicInequality. Download the national Scorecard brief to read about the latest findings. http://bit.ly/2019scmain
  • #Economists have recently reported what they deem to be a “booming” American #economy. But the #ProsperityNowScorecard illustrates that an overwhelming amount of #PeopleOfColor in all states are excluded from this narrative. To break down #RacialDisparities by location, explore the Scorecard state report which includes expanded data on this issue. http://bit.ly/2019scstate
  • The 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard reports the number of households of color facing #IncomePoverty is more than twice that of white households. We’ve got to level the economic playing field so that all #families can achieve #EconomicProsperity? Explore the Scorecard key findings report to see how the #data can shape our approach. http://bit.ly/2019scmain
  • Did you know that the percentage of Black and Latino #households that fell behind on bills last year more than doubles that of White and Asian households? Use the #ProsperityNowScorecard tool to see how your state ranks within this #RacialDisparity measure. http://bit.ly/2019scorecard

Wealth and Homeownership Messages

  • Did you know over one in five (22.5%) jobs in the United States are in a low-wage occupation? This means that at the median, these jobs pay below the poverty threshold for a family of four. Read more about this key finding in the 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard. http://bit.ly/2019scmain
  • The 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard reports that housing costs are rising faster than incomes, keeping the national #homeownership rate from rebounding significantly. Read more about this and more in the Scorecard key findings report. http://bit.ly/2019scmain
  • The gap between White #homeownership and that of #communities of color proves to be a frightening #data point as the 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard reports that an average of 71.9% of White households are homeowners; compared to just 41.4% of Black households, and 54.4% of Native American households. What does this data look like in your state? Use the #ProsperityNowScorecard tool to find out. http://bit.ly/2019scorecard

Healthcare Messages

  • Don’t all Americans deserve quality #healthcare? Sadly, according to 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard #data, this ratio is increasing. Use the #ProsperityNowScorecard tool to see the data about your state, and to download #advocacy resources. http://bit.ly/2019scorecard
  • Despite being known as the wealthiest country on Earth, the #UnitedStates is overwhelmed with individuals who are vulnerable to a #financial catastrophe should they ever have a major #health issue. What’s more alarming is that troubling #healthcare #trends like this are multiplying. Read more about what the 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard reports on this topic in the Scorecard key findings report. http://bit.ly/2019scmain
  • Troubling #data in the 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard reveals that for the first time in years, the U.S. is seeing reversing trends in #health – something that can prove to be a major barrier for individuals seeking #employment and #EconomicStability. Explore the Scorecard key findings report to learn more. http://bit.ly/2019scmain

Policy Messages

  • What contributes to the #EconomicSuccess of individual U.S. states? The 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard illustrates that one key measure is a state’s ability to actively participate in closing the #RacialWealthDivide by enforcing policy that strengthens the economic resilience of #PeopleOfColor. View the complete list of policy solutions in the Scorecard state report here: http://bit.ly/2019scstate
  • Isn’t it time we held our #StateGovernment officials accountable for both the #EconomicSuccess of our nation’s households? Explore the 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard state brief to read through #policy solutions. http://bit.ly/2019scstate
  • Through its administrative and public #policy decisions, the current #FederalGovernment has signaled unquestionable hostility toward working #families and #PeopleOfColor. Let’s #advocate for new policy #solutions by using the 2019 #ProsperityNowScorecard tool to educate #PolicyMakers about the #data that can lead to change. http://bit.ly/2019scorecard

Sharable images

Click the link above to access the 2019 Prosperity Now Scorecard sharable images. These images can be used as stand-alone Instagram posts with the hashtag #ProsperityNowScorecard, or paired with posts listed above.

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