Manufactured Home Communities in Alabama Black Belt

The Black Belt region of the southern United States originally referred to the large stretch of dark and fertile soil running from Virginia down to Texas. In Alabama’s part of the region, slavery and cotton during the mid-19th century made it one of the most affluent and politically powerful areas in the United States.

But as its rich soil eroded and the legacy of oppression endured, the last several decades of the Black Belt have been marked by a multitude of social and economic challenges, with access to safe and affordable housing among them.

One solution to this nation-wide challenge is manufactured housing. At less than half the average cost per square foot than site-built homes, manufactured homes are the largest source of unsubsidized affordable housing in the country.

This policy snapshot, Manufactured Home Communities in Alabama Black Belt, provides an overview of the relatively few state policies to support manufactured homeowners in Alabama. Complement this resource with a data snapshot of manufactured housing in Alabama. 

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