Statewide Initiatives

Harold Alfond College Challenge?(Maine)
The Harold Alfond College Challenge, a program funded by the late philanthropist Harold Alfond, automatically opens and seeds a NextGen 529 college savings account with $500 for every baby born in Maine. Although additional savings is not required, the initial grant is intended to reinforce college aspirations for Maine children and help families invest for college early. The grant can only be used to pay for qualified higher education expenses and must be used by the time the child turns 28.

College Kick Start (Nevada)
Nevada State Treasurer Kate Marshall launched a CSA initiative in the fall of 2013 for incoming kindergarteners in 13 of Nevada's rural counties, which was quickly expanded to the entire state in early 2014. The initiative serves about 35,000 kindergarteners each year. Each child receives an automatic $50 deposit into a 529 college savings account. This groundbreaking initiative builds on a previous innovative education program introduced by Treasurer Marshall. In 2010, the state of Nevada created the Silver State Matching Grant Program, which provides matching grant dollars to deposits made by qualifying Nevada families in a 529 account.

CollegeBoundbaby (Rhode Island)
CollegeBoundbaby is an enhancement of CollegeBoundfund®, the state's 529 college savings plan, designed to help Rhode Island families get an early start at saving for their child's higher education. Starting January 1, 2015, children born to or adopted by Rhode Island families are eligible for a $100 CollegeBoundbaby Grant to be used for higher education by simply checking a box on the birth certificate worksheet at the hospital. The grant will be held and invested by the Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Authority (RIHEAA) in a CollegeBoundfund master account on behalf of the child until the child is ready to attend a higher education institution.