Focus Areas

Prosperity Now seeks to bring innovative lessons learned and technical assistance to scale. In our effort to reach more low- and moderate-income households, the Prosperity Now team targets specific economic and social service sectors. 

Health and Wealth

Health and health care can have a large impact on one’s financial life. The reverse is true as well: financial well-being and socioeconomic status have a large impact on physical and mental health. As a result, we're exploring how to tackle issues of financial, physical and mental health concurrently.

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Workforce Development

We know that a job alone is not enough to put individuals on the path to financial security. But without a stable, well-paying job, it’s virtually impossible for most people to become financially secure. In 2015, Prosperity Now launched its first-ever fellowship to promote the integration of financial capability services into the workforce development field.

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Youth Employment

Thousands of young people enter the workforce every week without basic money management skills, and the financial decisions they make when beginning their working lives can affect their financial success in the future. Developing healthy financial habits early on helps young people better access services and products that can help them save, invest and build credit. In 2015, Prosperity Now and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau launched the Youth Employment Success (YES) initiative to provide technical assistance to 24 municipalities.

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Social Service Agencies

Prosperity Now works with social service agencies interested in “bundling” social services to address the multiple needs of families through a holistic system. This work is growing among community practitioners and charitable foundations around the country. Evidence shows that embedding such strategies – helping families access financial information, connect to safe and affordable financial products and services, build savings and wealth, and protect themselves in the financial marketplace – boosts programmatic outcomes.

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