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David Jacobson
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Financial Counseling & Coaching Services
Financial Education Classes & Seminars
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Medium, 100 - 999 Employees
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Coach Connections' behavior based proprietary coaching process allows the coach to tailor the coaching to the unique needs of the employee. Offerings include 1-on-1 coaching, webinars, group coaching, online education, and live workshops. Over 50,000 coaching sessions has resulted in 95% of clients establishing emergency funds, 85% report stronger relationships, free up over $600/month in cash flow and debt reduction of over $147,180,000. Coach Connections' unique process and online resources allow us to keep employer investment down while maximizing transformation for the coaching client. Because Coach Connections does not sell investments, insurance or any other products, Coach Connections compliments an employer’s current investment adviser by providing unbiased behavior based coaching and accountability. Coach Connections' team of coaches includes specialists that include retirement transition, newlywed, crisis, PTSD, singles, couples, wealth building, small business, irregular income, mental health, college planning, and kids & money.



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