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LifeSpan’s Workplace Financial Wellness services can be customized for the needs of your workforce. LifeSpan’s certified financial coach will work with individual employees on identifying their financial strengths and challenges, and on developing an action plan to help them achieve their financial goals – whether this is paying down debt, saving for retirement, or getting into an affordable student loan repayment plan. LifeSpan provides an onsite information table where your employees can obtain more information about this employee benefit and meet our financial coach. LifeSpan offers a series of financial courses to strengthen your employees’ understanding of their finances, including Getting a Grip on Your Spending (basic budgeting), Understanding Credit and Debt, Credit Reports 101, Transitioning into Retirement, Avoiding Identity Theft, Setting Financial Goals, Buying a Used Car, Saving Money with Coupons and Smartphone Apps, and more.


Additionally, LifeSpan offers on-site Life Coach services to help employees navigate issues that impact their work life or home life - family conflict, employee interactions, stress, family addiction issues and life events (new family member, divorce, marriage, etc.). The Life Coach helps employees problem-solve and connect to local resources. Your GPS for life's happenings.


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