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Adults with a disability are half as likely as adults without a disability to hold a four-year college degree.

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Racial Wealth Divide Dallas
The Racial Wealth Divide in Dallas

Racial economic inequality is deeply embedded throughout the United States and profoundly impacts communities throughout the country. This inequality is...

A Municipal Policy Blueprint
A Municipal Policy Blueprint for a More Inclusive Path to Prosperity

Cities represent the forefront of American progress, innovation and prosperity. But that bounty is only enjoyed by some of their...

Overdue: Addressing Debt in Black Communities
Overdue: Addressing Debt in Black Communities

Many of America’s Black communities are burdened by troublesome debt that prevents them from saving for the future. While debt...

Reinventing Children's Savings Accounts to Address the Racial Wealth Divide

Children’s Savings Accounts (CSAs) are a promising way to increase access to higher education and brighter economic prospects. But in...