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Program Examples

CSA programs use a variety of program models to meet the unique needs of each state, city or community. Here are a few examples of CSA programs:

  • Kindergarten to College (San Francisco, CA) – The City & County of San Francisco automatically opens a CSA with an initial $50 deposit for every kindergarten student, plus an additional $50 for children eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. Families receive a dollar-for-dollar match up to the first $100 deposited and a $100 bonus for saving steadily for six months in a row.
  • Promise Indiana – Promise Indiana is a coalition of community-led CSA programs across Indiana. Each community secures a local sponsor to seed children's accounts with $25. Children are also encouraged to cultivate champions—such as relatives or friends—to support their savings. Promise Indiana then leverages community dollars to match the funds raised by participants.
  • Harold Alfond College Challenge (Maine) – The Alfond Scholarship Foundation, working closely with the Finance Authority of Maine, automatically invests $500 in a 529 college savings account on behalf of every baby born a Maine resident. Families are also encouraged to open their own 529 account to make deposits and take advantage of Maine's Next Step matching grant.
  • "I Have a Dream" Foundation (multiple locations) – Students earn contributions to their CSAs by completing specific milestones on the path "to and through" college. Students work on literacy skills, college preparation, career readiness, writing skills and other activities linked to college access and completion.

Program Design

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